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            Ningbo Chenglong Special Steel Co.Ltd has been established in 1992, is a famous company in dealing alloy Special steel in china. After 10 years diligency and innovation, Our Company has become a sales distribution center with the function of big warehouse,steel further processing,and heat-treatment. We have a long good  cooperation with famous company in the industry of  auto accessories, plastic machine, hardware and so on.The Sale amount of one year is about 200 thousand tons。


            Our company owns 3000  sq.m of office building, and 60000 sq.m of warehouse(including 20000 sq.m indoor warehouse),and 12000 sq.m standard workshop, with 100 Pcs of equipments for cutting,machining,and straightening the steel bars.The company also has a special laboratory with UT-detection,surface checking detection,spectral analysis, metallographic microscope,etc. We can ensure the total quality of the steels we sell.


            We hold 30000 tons of steels including:alloy steel bars, pinion steel bars,carbon steel, mould steel, carbon,alloy steel wirerods,with nearly 1000 sizes and grades which can satisfy most of needs for different customers.


            By now, Our company have several SubsidiariesNingbo Chenglong machinery Co,Luotuo sub co,Ningbo chengsui heat-treatment co, Ningbo Jingsui construction machinery co. with 170 employees. Under the leadership of board chairman of Wang lieming, We aim to become a world leading level of steel distribution and processing company with the management tenets: Always think about customers, Be honesty,Well service.